Orangeries Stoke On Trent

Here at Gascoyne Joinery have been providing Stoke On Trent and other areas across the Midlands with stylish orangeries for over 20 years, and we continue to delight customers with these fantastic extensions on a daily basis.

The history of the orangery stretches back to being used as a place to house citrus fruits during cold European winters, however, despite these fruits being readily available for purchase at supermarkets in modern times, the orangery has continued to live on and due to its versatility is as popular as ever.

The spacious, light and airy characteristics of the orangery have made it a fantastic extension for the home, and a great room for everything from relaxation, to partying late into the night.

We have the tools and experience to meet any orangery specification, we have tackled many designs over the years, and despite the fact that each orangery is bespoke and completely unique in its designs, we have continuously risen to the challenge to provide top quality and leave customers smiling.

Whatever the scale of the job, we always carry out 100% of the work in house, in our workshop, so therefore the costs stay down and the quality stays sky high.

So, if you’re interested in adding an attractive orangery extension to your home in Stoke On Trent or surrounding areas such as  Burton, Burslem and Derby, please call Gascoyne Joinery today on 01623 655 711 for a free quotation or get in touch through our contact form and see what we can do for you.