Orangeries Worksop

Over our 20 years of experience building orangeries throughout the Worksop area, we have realised that they are often mistaken for regular Conservatory extensions, however a quick closer look will show you the great difference and the benefits that the orangery can bring.

With a history that dates back hundreds of years, Orangeries were originally used by the more affluent of society to house citrus fruits such as the orange throughout the colder months of the European winter before they were readily available in supermarkets. However, modern times has seen the explosion of the orangery in the life of the average person, and they are now widely used as a stylish way to add extra size to a home. Orangeries have extremely attractive charaterisitcs on both the inside and out which differentiate it from other home extension, they are all light, airy and relaxing, often with a classy raised centre lantern and a flat roof to let those on the outside bask in its glory too!

All orangery designs are bespoke and completely unique, and through our years or experience we know that no two orangeries are ever the same, however we have been met with ever shape and size of design in the Worksop area. With space and style, the orangeries we construct are ideal for everything from use as a relaxation room, or as a place to entertain friends.

To ensure that the cost stays low and the quality stays high, we also promise that 100% of our work will be done in house in our workshop, none of it ever gets shipped out.

So, for a free orangery quotation in the Worksop area as Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse or Sutton In Ashfield, then get in touch with Gascoyne Joinery today on 01623 655 711 and see what we can do for you.